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Maxim-LIS is online virtual Laboratory management software which allows to operate Pathology labs and Diagnostics Centres through internet.

Maxim-LIS is Low risk, Maintenance Free software. There are no installations on multiple computers anywhere.

Maxim-LIS gets installed only on the server and operates through Browser. It gives high returns on investments.

Maxim-LIS is very affordable. It has a robust database system to handle large data with critical needs to ensure a high level of data security. It’s a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act) compliant software with 128 bit encryption system embedded.

Maxim-LIS can be deployed remotely, No waiting period, which means a reduction in deployment time. Maxim-LIS helps in training and configuration needed for your workflow right away, shortening the overall time to Go Live.

Maxim-LIS is precisely controlled by login permissions. Usage of the software is not restricted to a single workstation; It is unlimited usage, anywhere, anytime. Staff and customers can check their records, results and access reports from their own computers using web access.

Maxim-LIS helps in freeing up of your IT resources, allowing them to concentrate on maintaining the existing systems well, rather than giving them even less time to attend to quality assurance and pro-active improvements in performance.

Maxim-LIS is easily upgradable. Upgrades may be applied when ready and consistently across everywhere. You don’t risk faulty deployment of fixes, upgrades or versions, and you always have the latest and greatest software.

Maxim-LIS is ideally suited to offering more than one application. Along with Maxim-LIS you get CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Time Tracking, Help Desk, e-Commerce, Accounting, Inventory, SMS sending, Dashboards and more, plus additional programs available for purchase/download.

Maxim-LIS will able to send lab reports to Individual patients and collection centre via internet anywhere. Reports consists of electronic signature. As soon as report is ready, patients are notified via SMS that report is ready. Reports can be downloaded by patients directly.

Maxim-LIS comes with Barcode Scanning and Printing modules. Specimens are accepted by Barcodes. Barcode are generated as per International Standards nomenclature.

Maxim-LIS is ready to be interfaced with all types of Laboratory Instruments. Any instrument can be interfaced via Unidirectional and Bidirectional way.

Maxim-LIS is ready to be interfaced with Medical Imaging Modalities like CTScan, MRI, Xray, Ultrasound etc. Maxim-LIS works with Maxim-PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) a fully web based Teleradiology PACS software to deliver Digital Images (DICOM) anywhere via Internet. For more details about Maxim-PACS software, please visit

Maxim-LIS comes with Billing, Inventory and Accounting management software inbuilt in the system. It has got fabulous MIS system with Dashboards.


  • Low initial outlay.
    Maxim-LIS online software has changed the traditional TCO (Total cost of ownership) method of owning heavily priced software. This is because Maxim-LIS eliminates the travel costs, and typically, a drawn-out RFP/Proposal process (think man-hours – and diversion from their regular work), and then one of the biggest challenges are hardware purchase of new servers, workstations, routers you the opportunity to stretch your investment out over time, leaving a healthy cash flow available for core operations or other advancements.

    • Long Term Savings.
      Maxim-LIS online software benefits without having to use your whole budget up front. It allows you to use the software for many years and you still maintaining a savings over purchasing.

    • Productivity increase.
      Maxim-LIS is perfect for you; It allows you to concentrate more onto business. You can setup your lab branches and collection centers virtually anywhere in the world to encompass big business.
      Maxim-LIS is the first of its kind completely web based software for laboratories and Diagnostics centres. ROI (Return on Investment) is very quick. You always get latest & greatest updated software anytime.

    • Highly secured, User friendly, reliable and seamlessly integrated web Based information system.

    • Clinic practitioners, pharmacists and Pathologists can share the Patient’s clinical information providing better service to their consumers.

    • It automates the process of collecting and retrieving patient information.

    • Integration of Patient identification, Data consistency, and Transparency.

    • Access to dozens of online resources and tools to customize and build your own systems.



    The following are the services provided by Quanta Web HIMS to the following staff:

    Physicians & Nursing
    • Physicians
      • Order investigations electronically by giving direct orders to laboratories
      • Prescribe patient treatment electronically
      • Single window view to locate patient and hospital information
      • Obtain patient data on mobile devices

    • Nurses
      • Effective Search Facility to search any type of information related to patient
      • Selection of ward, room and bed
      • Interface with the barcode and biometric devices to match patients and their medications

    • Emergency Department
      • Management of emergency department workflow using a tracker
      • Easy query handling for instant decision of bed allocation for patients, and request for bed transfers
      • Electronic order of reports, medication for patients

    • Surgical
      • Schedule and prioritize surgeries as per patient records and surgeon availability
      • Create complete economic documentation of pre and post operative care for patients

    • Pharmacists
      • Easy tracking facility for stocks of drugs
      • Expiry date warning of drugs, provided electronically
      • Date-wise drug issue report

    • Laboratory
      • Interface with various laboratory equipments with data capturing
      • Electronic transfer of laboratory reports to doctors and physicians
      • Generation and storage of various test reports
      • Track the spread of infectious diseases

    • Therapists
      • Scheduling of physiotherapy treatment
      • Access to patient records for allocation of exercises
      • Review of patient progress during physiotherapy treatment

    • Radiologists
      • Distribution of PACS images using state-of-the-art technology
      • Easy access to archived images through existing networks
      • Availability of lossless image quality from anywhere in real time, at anytime

    Health Information Management
    • Medical Records
      • Generation and allocation of a unique permanent patient registration number
      • Easy access to patient OPD / IPD history and billing information
      • Issue certificates of birth, death, fitness and sickness

    • Schedulers
      • Schedule various resources depending on their availability
      • Check that there are no scheduling conflicts

    • Information Technology
      • Modular structure of software
      • Graphical user interface
      • Highly secured, user-wise authentication of modules
      • Easy to install, easy to maintain
      • Authentication and verification of entries through audit trail facility
      • HL7, HIPAA compliance programming, ICD-10 incorporated

    • Nutrition
      • Instruct the kitchen about patients diet
      • View patients complete diet within a given date range

    MIS and Services
    • Accounting
      • Maintain patients billing records
      • Databank of CGHS easily available
      • Availability of bill pattern of any insurance company
      • Automatic posting of charges for services of consultant, operation, surgery, anaesthetist and laboratory

    • Human Resources
      • Search facility for staff duty chart
      • Complete employee records easily available
      • Generation of salary and payslip

    • Supply Chain
      • Facility to keep equipments and instruments inventory
      • AMC records maintained with service and work orders
      • Records of previous service easily available

    • Executive
      • Obtain reports about the overall hospital performance
      • Set comparative benchmarks and maintain corrective action plans for better management
      • Obtain costing information to make policy decisions to increase hospital efficiency
      • Set and manage accurate and high performance department budgets


    Modules covered in Maxim - LIS are listed below

    • Patient Registration
    • Patient Billing
    • Laboratory Information System (LIS)
    • Radiology Information System (RIS)
    • Inventory & fixed asset Management
    • Procurement DEPT
    • Search Engine

    Add On modules

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Relations (Complains and feedback module)
  • Doctors Workbench
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Equipment Maintenance System (EMS)
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • HRMS (Human Resource) Optional
  • Payroll
  • Financial Accounting (A/C Receivable and Payable, Budget, Cost centre)
  • PACS & Tele Radiology
  • Referred Laboratory Case
  • Marketing Module

    Software and hardware requirements for HIMS

    Web Browsers IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.
    Web Technology • DotNET Framework
    • AJAX Development Toolkit
    • Web Services
    • WCF Services
    • IIS
    Back - End(Database) • SQL Server 2008 R2
    • Oracle, DB2, MS - SQL database backend can be given
    Operating System • Windows
    Hardware • Intel Platform
    • IBM Series



    Maxim-LIS is designed with 2 main objectives in mind

    1. Increase customer satisfaction (The collection centre/referring doctor) by generating high quality reports and placing them in the hands of your customers as quickly as possible; and

    2. Increase cash flow thus helping your business grow by integrating the billing with the clinical so that as soon as the report is signed out, the billing is ready can be submitted to collection centre electronically for processing.

    More Reasons

    • Maxim-LIS allows you to define each user’s level of access to the system.
    • The audit trail log tracks all entries into the system including the information entered, a timestamp, and the employee code of the person making the entry.
    • Maxim-LIS uses 128-bit web encryption - the highest level of security available. Daily back-ups of the database is taken.
    • Raid 5 hard drives implementation with zero downtime guaranteed.
    • Maxim-LIS is hosted on high speed dedicated server in a secured environment, with 100% uptime guarantee.



    No heavy initial cost of ownership.
    No upfront cost, just a minimum investment to start the services.

    No upfront investment in hardware or software. (Maxim LIS is hosted on our web server)
    You do not need heavy duty computers and infrastructure. Just simple PC with Internet connection will do as Maxim LIS is hosted on our web server.

    No investment for retaining plenty of IT staff and manpower.

    No fear of virus or any other form of security attacks.

    No fear of server downtime or breakdowns.

    No worries on data backups.

    No space cost for setting up a server room.

    No Monthly recurring cost of air-conditioning the server room.

    No outdated software, you always have latest & greatest software.

    Maxim LIS is developed as per NABL, CAP, 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA Guidelines

    Short turnaround time.

    Full web content management integration.

    Powerful Search Engine.

    Available in Multilingual Formats.

    Open Query System to search any information in seconds.



    Process Flow Diagram Process Flow Diagram


    How It Works


    Process Flow DiagramOn-line Requisition Entry
    The collection centre/ referring doctor fills out an on-line requisition form and send the bar-coded specimen (s) vials to the pathology lab.

    When the specimens vials arrive at the lab, the bar-coded vials are scanned, samples are accepted or rejected for a specific reason.

    All other patient demographics are entered while ordering a test.

    Pathology Laboratory Starts Case / Accession
    Upon receipt of the specimen from the collection centre/ referring doctor or individual patient, a unique sample identification number is allocated to the specimen. The technician will then process the specimens and prepare them for review by the pathologist. Maxim-LIS has a "Work Sheet" used to track the status of each specimen.

    Clinical Work, Transcription & Sign out Report
    Once the samples are tested, the clinical work can be performed. The technician enters the results and completes the report, uploads images and any relevant document (i.e. clinical, insurance details, etc)

    Upon completion of the technicians work, the pathologist reviews the report and sign out the report from any location whether it is another lab, a hospital, home, etc.

    Report Is Authorized and ready for delivery.
    Once the case has been finished and the doctor has signed out (Authorized) the report, it is ready for the printing. Maxim-LIS generates automatically HTML/PDF format of the report. This report is NABL compliant. The report is ready and can be emailed, faxed to the referring physician, or the physician may log into Maxim-LIS to view the report online. The entire reporting process is done electronically, automatically, and instantly. Report delivery is made electronically. There are no couriers or shipping companies involved.

    Billing is generated
    Once the report has been generated, the billing is generated instantly for collection centre/individual patients/referring physician. Maxim-LIS enables the fastest and most accurate information needed for the billing dept with the data they need.

    Bill Is Collected
    The billing can be raised at end of the month to collection centers. Collection centers can able to see their electronic bill. They can pay the bill by cheque/direct depositing payment in the bank or can pay by credit card thru 128 bit secured payment gateway service.

    Bills are generated instantly; lab can keep a complete track of every collection centre. At any moment you can see complete up-to-date information. Lab can instantly see Income and expense statement, Collection centres Ledgers, cash books, bank books etc.

    When you become a member of Maxim-LIS your business increases, you make more money. You become global provider of laboratory Investigation; you get your presence everywhere. You can deliver reports faster than anybody else. Everybody wants quicker and accurate lab investigations today, thus faster reporting makes your lab ahead of others. There are no delays of billing cycles so you receive money faster from your collection centers than anybody else. You turn around time become faster and increase your profits with use of Maxim-LIS.