Web Based Laboratory Frequently Asked Questions

question What are the advantages of Online software?
answer Online software has many advantages over offline, desktop softwares.


question How can I become a member?
answer On Home page there is a link ‘Become a Member’ click it.


question Do you have to take the back up of the data?
answer No , there is no need of taking back up of the data. Your data is safe with us. We take backup of data in real time.


question Can my data crash?
answer No, there is no worry about data crash. Your data is safe with us. We take backup of data in real time.


question Can my software crash?
answer No , there is no worry about software crash. Your software is internet (web) based .As long as PC & internet is running, your software will be running.


question What Kind of Tests performed on Maxim-LIS?
answer Maxim-LIS is for Pathology and Radiology reporting software. You can do reporting of any tests like Biochemistry, Serology, Hematology, Histopathology, Clinical Pathology, Xray, CTScan, MRI, Color Doppler... Virtually any tests reporting can be done.


question Can I add new Tests Formats ?
answer Yes, You can add virtually any tests formats.


question Can I able to calculate referral charges ?
answer Yes, You can calculate.


question How safe is my data/information?
answer Absolutely safe and secured. We have the web server of tera bytes capacity at our HIPAA Certified Data Centers with 128 bit encryption. Hence data is 100% safe. There is no possibility of hacking the customers’ data.


question Can somebody see my data/information?
answer Absolutely not! As the data is protected by user name and password, no body except you can see your data/information.


question How can I remit my payment?
answer You can remit payment by various ways like 1. Through bank transaction like Cheque, Cash, Demand Draft, Netbanking. 2 Through Credit Card. Click here for more details.


question How many days my account data/information will be with you?
answer As long as you are a member of Maxim-LIS, you can keep your data, year after year.


question Is there facility to delete the data/information?
answer Yes, You can delete your data/information.


question How can I receive new software updates?
answer Software Updates are automatic and will be given to you on quarterly basis.


question Can I suggest features / improvement in the software?
answer Yes, you can suggest new features. There will be facility in your member area, through which you can send your suggestions.


question How can I learn the software usage?
answer You have been given training material on line in your member area. You can learn from the same. Our support department is handy in case of your queries.


question How can I receive the technical support?
answer Our technical support department will be handy to receive support. The support is provided by telephonic conversation, emailing or online chat. You can submit support ticket from your member area.


question How much speed I will get for software I am using?
answer Software speed is dependent on your internet as well as your computer’s speed. A Good computer processor, Min. Pentium IV with 256 KBPS broadband unlimited will give good speed.


question What is an ideal recommended internet type and speed?
answer It is recommended to use broadband internet connection minimum 256 kbps speed with unlimited usage.


question What is the hardware requirement for the computer to be used to operate the software?
answer You must have computer with following minimum requirement: Pentium – IV processor & above, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD, Broadband Internet connection min 256 KBPS, IE/Mozilla internet browser.


question On how many computers I can use Maxim-LIS, is there any limit ?
answer You can use Maxim-LIS software on multiple computers. You can access Maxim-LIS on LAN and WAN network. There is no limit for accession. You should make LAN network setup at your lab and make internet availibility on all computers. You can access Maxim-LIS anywhere,anytime using internet. Its a virtual Lab software.


question How many patients I can register, is there any limit ?
answer There is no limit for patient registration. It is depending on your membership plans. See cost page.


question Is there any hidden charges ?
answer There is no hidden charges. Select your Maxim-LIS plan and see cost page for more details.


question How many collection centre I can open, is there any limit ?
answer You can open as many collection centres as you can, there is no limit.


question Which Operating System I can use?
answer You can run this software on any of the operating system Windows, Linux, Sun etc. As long as you can browse the website www.Maxim-LIS, you are ok.


question Can I send Email to patient?
answer Yes, you can send to patient an email directly from your member control panel.


question Can patient access his/her report online ?
answer Yes, patient gets username and password to access the report.


question Can I see report online from anywhere, anytime?
answer Yes, you can see report online. Reports are instantly updated. You can browse information from anywhere, anytime.


question Are the results transferred instantly?
answer Yes, the results are instantly transferred between the laboratory and patient.


question What are the modules I get in the Online software?
answer You can get various modules like Registration, Reporting, Accounting, MIS, and many more. Also new features are added in every 3 months.


question Is my software updated regularly?
answer Yes, it is online software. Hence, it is instantly updated everywhere and the updates are available to all members.


question Can patient able to send me request or enquiry directly from the website?
answer Yes, you will get requests by email, or SMS. Patient can send requests directly as soon as they found your name . Email and SMS will directly come in your member area control panel .SMS will come on your mobile.